Stars Branding

Stars Branding
Stars Branding
01 January 1970 |

Stars Advertising is an independent, multicultural and bilingual branding collective specializing in creative communications and correct company positioning. We map out complete marketing programs that meet your current needs with an eye toward future growth.

Our agency has spent over 8 years perfecting this unique, entirely in-house process to yield dramatic results. So don’t hesitate. Break free from the mold. When you’re ready to move forward.


Start with a fresh idea today.
A song that plays the same notes over and over again can get boring. Adding words, melodies and other instruments brings originality to the mix, making it more appealing.
Research, strategy and design to fit your niche market. When your brand shines, the future is always bright. Embrace your individuality


Take a closer look. Because customers make decisions about your brand before they know anything about you, it’s crucial to craft the right image. Even subtle aspects, like color gradient and typeface, work at a subconscious level to shift buyer behavior. Our experienced designers pore over every detail to formulate artistic concepts that reflect your brand’s specific qualities in engaging and memorable ways.


Express every idea in refreshing detail. Design personalized stationery, decorate your store, and make professional prints of your own artwork, all under one roof. From custom business cards and letterheads to tradeshow displays, our print specialists provide the finest print quality in Boston, formatted at any scale you desire. Print signs for indoor and outdoor use on durable vinyl and lightweight coroplast. Even create one-of-a-kind set pieces.

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